Fictional Non-Fiction #1

I was going to write some poetry yesterday, but I ended up with this.

“If you practice hard enough, you can master the art of suicide, which is different from the act of suicide. The act of suicide has tangible results, either successful or not successful. The art of suicide is a constant attempt to erase oneself from existence, daily and nightly, a keen focus on the removal from life’s various entanglements. Viewed in this way, suicide is an ongoing act, much like meditation, yoga, mindful thinking, and service to others. Granted, it is terribly selfish and not at all to be envied, let alone emulated, but it must be respected in order to be understood. With that understanding, a few fortunate souls might be retrieved from the brink. Most are, sadly, forever lost.

Those who have mastered the art of suicide may never actually take their own lives, but in many ways they do not need to. They have removed themselves from life’s race, have moved beyond the sidelines and hidden themselves so well that they are invisible. Thus absent, they whittle themselves away until, when Death indeed comes from them, Death find itself with little work to do but to beckon.” – Dr. Jonathan Powers, from Daily Practitioners of Suicide

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