The Evening it All Came to a Head with the Ape

I’m not sure what’s going on here (which I know I say often).  But I like it, and I thought I’d share it.

The Evening it All Came to a Head with the Ape

“If the ape figures out the truth, we’re all fucked,”
said Nancy, and we shivered our timbers and drank
up as quickly as we could because that ape meant
business and had a list of those recently deceased
by his hairy fists to prove it (as if we really needed
convincing! Honestly, some apes take the cake!

For his part, the ape grunted, ate a bamboo shoot,
and eyed us with his cold, grey eyes that pinned Nancy
to the wall and made the rest of us squirm like toads
about to by trampled by an angry giant…and so it went
that troublesome night we gathered together one last
time to muster our courage and instead found the ape
waiting with our fates beating in his large, animal heart.

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