Pete, Repeat, and the Devil

Well, this is dark.

Pete, Repeat, and the Devil

The Devil took a long pull
from his drink and said, “Pete
and Repeat were in a boat.
Pete fell overboard. Who was left?”

I shook my head.
Honestly, I expected more from
the Great Deceiver than a lame-ass joke.
I poured myself a shot and glared at him.

The Devil polished his horns.
“You don’t plan to answer?” he asked.
in a drawling accent that he hadn’t quite mastered.

“How about this?” I said. “Repeat
died from exposure and thirst and was
found by the Coast Guard two days
after he and his idiotic brother decided
to go for a nice afternoon paddle.”

“You’ll do,” the Devil said and winked.
“As if I ever had any doubts.”


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