Mr. Kermit P. Shipley and the Fish

I use Fake Name Generator more for fiction than poetry, but in this case, the site served me well.

Mr. Kermit P. Shipley and the Fish

Mr. Kermit P. Shipley screwed
in his good glass eye and told
the fish she was a tall drink of water.

The fish, who had two functioning
eyes, looked over at Kermit and
made a sound like a distressed cow.

Kermit couldn’t help but be smitten,
dying cow noise or no, and his mouth
split into an an approximation of a grin.

The fish’s mouth opened and closed
as she realized she was not in water,
and she in vain tried to take a breath

because Kermit had said she was a tall
glass of water, but she wasn’t…she was
just a dying fish who could mimic a cow.

They remained this way, stuck as if on
the event horizon of a black hole, never
making any progress toward or away.


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