Ideally, I would be working on my mannequin story…but this hasn’t been an ideal day. Or an ideal past few days, due to some medical issues. I sat down to get twenty minutes or so of writing in, but I’m not in the right physical, mental, or spiritual place to interact with these characters. I’m still invested in the story, so it was disappointing when everything that came out was garbage. I ended the session with this line:

Ugh. This is going over like a shit balloon.

At least that made me laugh, which is hugely important for me right now. My health takes priority over a smashing writing session, so I’m going to tend to myself and write when I can. No pressure…which is much easier than it used to be.

3 thoughts on “Bleah.

    1. I fiddled with the story a little last night and think it has potential for publication, so I won’t post any more of it here. If you’d like, I can share the finished product with you (whenever that will be).


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