Some Things About Me

I should use this the next time I have to fill out a form that asks for personal information.

Some Things About Me

I have an empty rabbit’s worth
of pain in my eye, and that’s a
righteous improvement over my
last life, where I was always blue
because my father was a miner.

I wound a wrist watch and, for the
hell of it, gave it to my nearest dead
neighbour, but he didn’t understand
time or how to tell it, so I gave it
to his skinny, bald-headed mama.

I pounded the wet cement in front
of my great-grandfather’s luggage
carriage, which was black and lacked
a decent set of wheels, but that wasn’t
my problem back in the roaring 20’s.

I forgot a decent man’s clothes in
the shadows of a closet in Wichita
where eggs never go bad and cars
zoom up and down the interstate like
dreams racing the mind’s speedway.

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