Mother of all Machines

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I’m not sure when I wrote this…or why I wrote it. I do know the title is from a Rush song, “The Body Electric.”

Mother of All Machines

Holy, Mechanical Mary, Blessed Star of Wires,
pray for us organics, now and at the hour
of our singularity as your Son,
still soldered to the cross,
desperate to access the mainframe of heaven,
drips blood on you, the motherboard
crouching, your tears flowing in binary rhythm
with his slowing, sacred, beating Heart.

The Pope’s vestments caught fire
in the last burning, the gutting of Rome
to make way for plastic-faced cardinals
and digital bishops, defrocked or otherwise–
but you know that, your Assumption
having taken place ages before Apple,
before spirit became circuitry
and prayer turned code

hastily offered up as we count
virtual beads, pausing at the Sorrowful
Mysteries, waylaid by Moore’s Law
as we envision your beatific, holy face,
wide-screened, the rendering of your image
more than the children in Portugal
or Medjugorje could have handled.

3 thoughts on “Mother of all Machines

  1. Wow! I don’t know if your intent was what I gleaned from it but the fact that spirituality is completely ingrained with technology now makes your poem prophetic in nature. I giggled (probably inappropriately) about the digital rosaries, because every single day I use my phone for my devotional and prayers. I honestly long for a more organic worship. I’m hopeful that our choice to leave the rat race of DC and the subsequent move away from here will make way for that.

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    1. Hi! I’m not really sure what my intent was…I suppose I was thinking about the intersection of technology and spirituality. I’m not opposed to it, and I incorporate it into my life, too. But we also attend a really good church. Wow, I can’t imagine being in DC. Whew! Come on down South where the pace is slower…except in Atlanta. That seems as crazy a city as any up north or on the west coast. Someone once compared the traffic in Atlanta to Boston and L.A. traffic. Scary.

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      1. Haha yea- we’ve been in the DC area twice in his military career and this time we’ve been here 6 years. Moving to Asheville, NC in Juneish timeframe! I’m grew up in Durham area and consider Eastern NC my hometown area- I’ll always be an NC girl!! Can’t wait to get back!

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