I’ve been less consistent in posting lately, but I’ve been writing a lot. I’m not teaching this summer and I’m home with my children, which takes up a lot of my time. It’s not difficult to find time to write, but it is rather hard to find the time to post something.

This piece emerged during a freewriting session.

ghost mid-life.jpg
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He emerged from a blur of antics
and drank heavily of the stuff of mid-life.
He doubled-spaced his pain and edged
the margins of doubts where the girls
of his escapades lived and drowned.
Garbed in gabardine, he outwitted the cat
and dusted for his own fingerprints.
The paradigm had shifted yet again,
and he luxuriated in the bath salts of time
out of joint, the busyness of laughter,
the flags of passion wilted, half-mast.

image credit

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