I’m ready to be addicted again.
I want to disappear into the spaces
that hang in stilted conversations,
I want to slip into a black skin and
never shed it, I want to be an envelope
full of hate that I seal and deliver
to anyone who has ever loved me.

I can’t be here for much longer,
but there’s a place waiting for me
with my name on the door and on
all the chairs, I can sit where I wish,
and there is nobody to disturb my
cool solitude, my bustling introversion,
my chugging, revved up, illuminated mind.

Come find me by not looking for me,
I am dancing in the heat of blurred time,
I am drinking the true water of life, I
will never thirst again, this time I’m sure,
this time I’ll get it right and make a patchwork
quilt of all my stunning accomplishments that
will blanket this sad old world once and for all.

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