A Man in Decent Clothes

A Man in Decent Clothes

Somewhere in Ogden, Utah, a calliope plays out of tune and a rubbish whore lies dying in a derelict hospital that pays its doctors in whiskey shots and banned pain meds. In short, all is well in the fucked-over world…

until a man in decent clothes who carries a black comb at all times, who has a silver wrist watch that never needs winding, who collects rare stamps from Middle-Earth, Narnia, and other places too good to be real, enters the blasted scene, takes a breath,
and says, “This can’t go on.”

He claps his hand twice and golden monkeys, no bigger than apples, spring to life from the trees and swarm the hospital. They save the rubbish whore and kill the doctors.

The man in decent clothes nods.

“It’s a start,” he says.