The Girl with Chameleon Skin

First published in MockingHeart Review.

The Girl with Chameleon Skin

The girl with chameleon skin
knocked on my door.
I opened it and saw nothing
but hard morning light
distorting around a vaguely human,
pavement-colored shape.

I moved back and watched
her watery movement from exterior
to interior, her skin shifting to carpet
to hardwood. My mouth found hers
and she became my flesh. We moved,
slow as epochs, to the bed where she
melted into the sheets and became linen.

My tears dissolved into her
as though they had never been,
and she laughed, a bright sound
merging with the heaven beyond
the ceiling, beyond the tapered clouds,

where chameleon girls are seen
for who they are, not just imitations
of life under a sad man whose body
does not know the hazards of change.


I also wrote a short instrumental song to accompany the poem, which you can find here. 

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