To Finish or Not to Finish….

That is the proverbial question. I have so many stories I’ve started and never finished that it’s become par for the course. If I have a good start–characters I care about, dialogue that flows well, a decent plot–it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll move onto something else. Part of the reason is my ADD (undiagnosed,Continue reading “To Finish or Not to Finish….”

Audrey and the Alien (a dialogue)

I don’t remember writing this (no shock there), but I thought enough of it to keep it in my “story drafts” folder. I also have a folder called “lousy ideas,” and the files in it are cringe-worthy. Anyway, I have no idea if I’ll do anything more with this, but I like the idea ofContinue reading “Audrey and the Alien (a dialogue)”

Beth, Clary, and Ben (a scene)

After a long bout of freewriting (which included trees exploding into instant bloom, a computer coducting a therapy session with a teenager, and all manner of peculiarities), this scene emerged. I don’t think there will be a second part, but who knows? “Hey, you remember when we all had phones?” Clary asked. Ben popped hisContinue reading “Beth, Clary, and Ben (a scene)”

Reggie and Len (a dialogue)

I was scribbling in my journal the other day while with my kids at karate practice, and this is what came out. As I continued writing, I began picturing Bert and Ernie and one of their many conversations at bedtime. You know (or maybe you don’t), the ones where Bert is desperately trying to goContinue reading “Reggie and Len (a dialogue)”