Vincent and Lily (part of a story)

I wrote this some day ago and still like it. Please forgive any typos and mistakes…I don’t have it in me to do anything more than cursory proofreading.  Birds tire of flying after a while. One bird named Tom was exhausted and said to his wing mate, “Listen, I gotta take a rest. I’ll catchContinue reading “Vincent and Lily (part of a story)”

The Death Munchies?

Who knows? I came across this yesterday when I was looking for another story draft to finish. It made me laugh. “I’ve got the death munchies,” I said to an abandoned sea shell. The world turned and turned for no good reason other than it had always turned and didn’t see any point in changingContinue reading “The Death Munchies?”

Something deep and troubling had occurred…(story draft)

I began writing this story in 2008, and I’m surprised I’m still able to connect to the characters and their voices. I didn’t think they had anything else to say. For now, I’ll call this story complete. It never had a title, and I can’t come up with one now. So it goes.   SomethingContinue reading “Something deep and troubling had occurred…(story draft)”

To Finish or Not to Finish….

That is the proverbial question. I have so many stories I’ve started and never finished that it’s become par for the course. If I have a good start–characters I care about, dialogue that flows well, a decent plot–it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll move onto something else. Part of the reason is my ADD (undiagnosed,Continue reading “To Finish or Not to Finish….”

Freewriting Session #???

Doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows? It was a dark day when I decided to kill him. I don’t mean spiritually dark…it was fucking dark, like the sun had gone out or something. There wasn’t an eclipse or anything, it just got dark. Looking back, I’m glad it was like that, like theContinue reading “Freewriting Session #???”

Expatriation Date

A short while ago, I talked about freewriting and how it was my truest writing voice…which I still maintain. Of course, editing is always essential. And certainly not everything that emerges on the computer screen or in a journal deserves to see the light of day. I thought I’d share this one, however, because itContinue reading “Expatriation Date”

Jenny and the Gorgon (freewriting)

Writing something weird is better than writing nothing at all, eh? Do you remember the time with scaled that mountain and you fell and busted your back? Jesus, you were laid up for six months in the hospital, and you did all that physical therapy. What was the therapist’s name? You slept with him, whichContinue reading “Jenny and the Gorgon (freewriting)”

Ben the Would-Be Cannibal (story snippet)

 I came across this story snippet as I was going through some old writing, and I was struck by how often cannibalism comes up as a theme in my work. Also, for every completed story, I have perhaps fifty or so partial stories. So it goes. No picture for this one. I’m not terribly keenContinue reading “Ben the Would-Be Cannibal (story snippet)”

The Whale-Shaped Man (fiction? poetry? both? neither?!?!)

The Whale-Shaped Man Is he in his office? asked the whale-shaped man. Is who is his office? the woman in sparkly pants replied. You know. I don’t. Him. That doesn’t clear it up. The whale-shaped man grimaced. I’m talking about your father. Oh. Why do you want to see him? To ask for your handContinue reading “The Whale-Shaped Man (fiction? poetry? both? neither?!?!)”

Minister Hot Tea Denies a Bird a Proper Burial (surreal fiction)

This oddness poured out a few days ago. Enjoy? Minister Hot Tea Denies a Bird a Proper Burial “I give not a fig for how the bird died,” said Minister Hot Tea, “nor do I wish him to be buried on this sacred ground. A pauper’s grave for the bird, now see to it.” MinisterContinue reading “Minister Hot Tea Denies a Bird a Proper Burial (surreal fiction)”