Vincent and Lily (part of a story)

I wrote this some day ago and still like it. Please forgive any typos and mistakes…I don’t have it in me to do anything more than cursory proofreading.  Birds tire of flying after a while. One bird named Tom was exhausted and said to his wing mate, “Listen, I gotta take a rest. I’ll catchContinue reading “Vincent and Lily (part of a story)”

The Death Munchies?

Who knows? I came across this yesterday when I was looking for another story draft to finish. It made me laugh. “I’ve got the death munchies,” I said to an abandoned sea shell. The world turned and turned for no good reason other than it had always turned and didn’t see any point in changingContinue reading “The Death Munchies?”

The Old Man, The Woman, The Black House

There’s some archetypal shite going on in here. That’s what I would say if someone interviewed me about this poem (at which point, I expect the interview would end). The Old Man, the Woman, the Black House I saw the old man and wept, not for him, of course, but for the dark blossoms ofContinue reading “The Old Man, The Woman, The Black House”

Another Experiment Gone Wrong

I got a rejection today. I looked at the name of the publication and drew a blank. I called up the submission on Duotrope and had a vague recollection of submitting the three poems. After filing the rejection away, I looked at the poems. I quite like them, especially this one: Another Experiment Gone WrongContinue reading “Another Experiment Gone Wrong”