Published Works

“I Caught Your Eye” and “The Girl with Chameleon Skin” published in MockingHeart Review.

“Winter” published in Sweet Tree Review.

“There Was a Man, There Was No Such Man” published in Clementine (Unbound).

“Church of Puppetry” published in Picaroon Poetry.

“The Passing of Ordinary Objects” in Literary Orphans .

“Interspecies Communication Breakdown” and “Our Last Visit” published in Black Elephant.

“One Saves One” in Prong & Posy.

“Ghost Daughter and Invisible Dog” and “The Tallest Man in the Room” in White Ash Literary Magazine

“Father Figure” published in Dime Store Review.

“Aftermath of a Disturbance” and “Morning Final” published in the Zany Zygote Review.

“Forgive and Forget” published in Mannequin Haus.

“The Girl in Room 27,” Final Scene,” “Hidden,” “Necromanic Basket Weaving,” and “Olympian Love Affair” published in MockingHeart Review

“Twins” published in The Violet Hour: Literary Magazine

“Dinner with a Mouth” published in Rat’s Ass Review.

“Evening, 1984” forthcoming in Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

“The Charred Mayor Meets Madam Exoskeleton” in Ordinary Madness.

“A Gift for the Weather Witch” and “In Honor of Cowboy Wayne” published in The Offbeat.

“Misadventure” published in Dime Show Review.

“An Evening with Mr. Vein” published in Internet Void.

“The Man Who Got Electric” published in Rejected Manuscripts.

“Afterimage” published in What Rough Beast.

“Reflecting on a Speech by Don Steadman, Author of Victory in Isolation” in Literary Orphans.

“Shutter Click Girl” in Goat’s Milk Magazine.

“Journey,” “Master and Disciple,” and “Waking Life” in Lost River.

“Jim Morrison Crashes the Broad Highway AA Meeting” and “Temporary Survivor” in Madness Muse Press.

“Family Reunion” in Here Comes Everyone.

*Nominated for Best of the Net Anthology.