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Ebb and Flow

I started a new journal the other day and was freewriting when this poem came. When I’m plugged into the Cosmic Signal, I never know what’s going to bubble to the surface or who’s going to speak.

Ebb and Flow

Already spinning lies, I enter you.

Outside, the world floods with tears
as you open your carefully crafted eyes,
seeing only what you want to see.

We ebb and flow, ignorant of love.

The Pinprick Man

Though I don’t write fiction nearly as much as I used to, influences on my fiction tend to crop up in my poems. In this case, Stephen King looms rather large.

The Pinprick Man

In the shadows,
the Pinprick Man gleams.

“I have a chest of drawers
filled with nightmares,” he says.
“Shall I show you?”

I take a deep breath
and exhale parchment
upon which I write my
last will and testament.

“Yes,” I say.

The Pinprick Man
smiles a thousand times
and opens a drawer.