Something deep and troubling had occurred…(story draft)

I began writing this story in 2008, and I’m surprised I’m still able to connect to the characters and their voices. I didn’t think they had anything else to say. For now, I’ll call this story complete. It never had a title, and I can’t come up with one now. So it goes.   SomethingContinue reading “Something deep and troubling had occurred…(story draft)”

Freewriting Session #???

Doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows? It was a dark day when I decided to kill him. I don’t mean spiritually dark…it was fucking dark, like the sun had gone out or something. There wasn’t an eclipse or anything, it just got dark. Looking back, I’m glad it was like that, like theContinue reading “Freewriting Session #???”

Writing, or Better Known as Banging My Head Against the Wall

Well, stupidly, I thought I could write something of substance. Ha. Here’s what I wrote: “I don’t have time for bestiality,” Mr. Warble said. “Noted,” replied Ms. Eye Drop. It was the dead of winter. The trees felt like crying but were too cold to do anything but sigh. In a distant land, someone inventedContinue reading “Writing, or Better Known as Banging My Head Against the Wall”

Jenny and the Gorgon (freewriting)

Writing something weird is better than writing nothing at all, eh? Do you remember the time with scaled that mountain and you fell and busted your back? Jesus, you were laid up for six months in the hospital, and you did all that physical therapy. What was the therapist’s name? You slept with him, whichContinue reading “Jenny and the Gorgon (freewriting)”

Ben the Would-Be Cannibal (story snippet)

 I came across this story snippet as I was going through some old writing, and I was struck by how often cannibalism comes up as a theme in my work. Also, for every completed story, I have perhaps fifty or so partial stories. So it goes. No picture for this one. I’m not terribly keenContinue reading “Ben the Would-Be Cannibal (story snippet)”

The Pattern (short fiction)

In the spirit of Joyce Carol Oates. Please pardon any typos I may have missed.   The Pattern If she looked closely, she could see a pattern, and she could see herself in the pattern. This didn’t happen every day, of course–she had to be in the right frame of mind and receptive to receivingContinue reading “The Pattern (short fiction)”

Audrey and the Alien (a dialogue)

I don’t remember writing this (no shock there), but I thought enough of it to keep it in my “story drafts” folder. I also have a folder called “lousy ideas,” and the files in it are cringe-worthy. Anyway, I have no idea if I’ll do anything more with this, but I like the idea ofContinue reading “Audrey and the Alien (a dialogue)”

The Watcher (flash fiction)

I’m slowly crawling out of the funk of a long-lasting, unexplained fever…and regaining my equilibrium in others ways after a difficult past few months. Writing hasn’t been much of a priority. Today, I feel well enough to return to the keyboard, so I’m taking advantage of that. I’ve been reading a lot of Joyce CarolContinue reading “The Watcher (flash fiction)”

Random Lines

Lately, writing has taken a back-seat to other things in life. That’s the way of it. I found myself with some time today and thought, “All right, let’s get crackin’.” I wouldn’t call the writing session a complete failure because I came up with some lines that made me laugh. “You can’t reason with Nazis!”Continue reading “Random Lines”

Glinda and Charley (a scene)

I’ve given up trying to write traditional stories (at least, for now). Instead, I’m just letting the words do what they want. In this case, the words made me say, “What the hell?” Incidentally, the picture has nothing to do with the story. I just typed “weird” in the Flickr Creative Commons search bar andContinue reading “Glinda and Charley (a scene)”