Survivor’s Guilt

Pain seeks its own level,you tell me as we look out over the ruined city, eerilybeautiful in the moonlight. I can hear the screamingfrom here, or so I imagine. You hold my face in your hands,and I feel your breath as you whisper, You did not cause this.Far below, in the rubble, a hand movesContinue reading “Survivor’s Guilt”

The Pretend River Flatters Me, Plots My Demise

I’m deeply distrustful, and often terrified of, water. The Pretend River Flatters Me, Plots My Demise “Did you think of me as someone handsome?” I asked, “someone capable, strong, with vibrant eyes, quick, sure smiles, and hardy handshakes?” “I certainly do,” Old Man River said and winked, its banks rife with flowers and redolent withContinue reading “The Pretend River Flatters Me, Plots My Demise”