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Love in Articulo Mortis

I may have posted this poem before, but I don’t feel like searching the blog for it.

Love in Articulo Mortis

Regrets packed in tearsalt,
I hand them to the porter.
I’ve been here before,
love in articulo mortis.

I board the train on a night
darker than I’ve ever seen,
cloudless, the moon judging
me with borrowed light.

The signal blows and I’m
tossed into haunted sleep.
When I wake, I look out
on a ruined landscape.

Without a word, the porter
hands me my things and nods.
I step out onto the platform,
a stranger in a dangerous town.

Dead Music

Mark Goodson, of the MIRACLE of the MUNDANE, tagged me in a writing challenge post. Even though I’m a day behind, I wanted to share this one.

Dead Music

By the pale moonlight, I pledge myself
to thee,
you say, laughing, as we obliterate
ourselves with vodka in the backyard.
The serious moonlight, I think, wishing
again that Bowie wasn’t gone, or Prince,
or the queen of my fantasies, Carrie Fisher.
Drunk, I can conjure them: Bowie hides
behind a tree, and Prince, bedecked in purple,
struts out and launches into “Nothing Compares 2 U.”
Carrie Fisher, glaring, walks over to me and says,
You have no fucking idea how much time you have left.
Quit wasting it. I nod, trying to take her seriously,
trying not to think of Princess Leia. I don’t notice
Glenn Frey until I hear the opening of “Hotel California.”
I didn’t summon him, I think, but it doesn’t matter
because I see Lemmy over by the fence, nodding at me
and lighting a cigarette. So I lie back in the grass, listening
to dead music, your cold hand resting on top of mine.