Escape You break so easily, you tell me as you swing the hammer toward my face, and I meet it without flinching, expecting the blow, craving it, the slow explosion of pain across my broken cheeks, the sharp exhale of my shattered breath as it escapes my body and I fall into darkness so deepContinue reading “Escape”


  Replication He replicated himself one dark and dismal day when the rain wouldn’t stop and the people who lived near him–the ones he never spoke to but watched from the corner of his eye–stayed inside and watched static on their broken televisions and listened to atonal screaming from men and women who lived andContinue reading “Replication”

The Death Munchies?

Who knows? I came across this yesterday when I was looking for another story draft to finish. It made me laugh. “I’ve got the death munchies,” I said to an abandoned sea shell. The world turned and turned for no good reason other than it had always turned and didn’t see any point in changingContinue reading “The Death Munchies?”

The Color of Your Sadness

The Color of Your Sadness There is a color to your sadnessbut it flies away on a moanthat barely escapes your lips and I am bereft of knowledge,a child of a man, a morsel of a grainof sand on a strand of angel hair, as remote a chance as that seems,treading where others fain toContinue reading “The Color of Your Sadness”

Some Thoughts (and a poem)

As some of you know, my family and I experienced a house fire last June. We lost almost the entire second floor of our house, and while we were all okay (and out of town when it happened), we also lost our bearded dragon Oscar and our gecko Merlin.  The event has been hard forContinue reading “Some Thoughts (and a poem)”


Let us bask in lukewarm watersand wear rejection like a badgeof honor, my Laodicean lover,my dark companion in the darkestnight…the Almighty will fret nomatter what and is not our concern.He is more often absent than present.The moon is fat and blood-red,full of omens that are meaninglessas birdsong, as fickle as judgement.Here, we hide in eachContinue reading “Union”

Together Forever

Well, this is a dark one. Together Forever She twerked her wayinto his fibrous heart, or so shethought—the truth was thathe had no room in his heartfor anything other than hatredwhich was the bruised colorof the sky when his mother diedand his father rented his brain outfor $50/month and a blow-job. Time passed like meltingContinue reading “Together Forever”