Expatriation Date

A short while ago, I talked about freewriting and how it was my truest writing voice…which I still maintain. Of course, editing is always essential. And certainly not everything that emerges on the computer screen or in a journal deserves to see the light of day. I thought I’d share this one, however, because itContinue reading “Expatriation Date”

Vanishing Act

She had almost disappearedby the time I found her—all that was left was a hand. “Weren’t you going to saygoodbye?” I asked, hopingshe could hear me this time. “I thought about it,” she saidfrom the secret place she goes(I think) entirely too often. I grabbed for her hand too late,and she was gone, dooming metoContinue reading “Vanishing Act”

Another Experiment Gone Wrong

Are you some kind of duke or baron? the forlorn man in the tweedy jacket and wearing the sunset asks me. Surely I don’t radiate royalty in my smacked-down outfit and my hair twisting and shouting like a bad dance move, my eyeballs gyrating independently of each other, my tongue confessing crimes at break- neckContinue reading “Another Experiment Gone Wrong”

1993 calls 2018, and I Answer

I grew up beside a remarkable woman whom I came to regard as another grandmother. It didn’t start out that way; when my family first moved into our first house, Mrs. Michie was just a nosy neighbor. She was the woman who had to use a walker to get around and called me daily toContinue reading “1993 calls 2018, and I Answer”