The Cat and Dog

Just in case you thought it was a post simply about cats and dogs, though I could certainly write that, being a human companion of both, it is not. 

The Cat and the Dog

“Ha HA!” the brazen cat laughed
heartily when she cornered the dog.
“You’ve been smelling ass again!”

The dog drooled a bit. It was close to
his dinner time, and even though dry
food was his fate, it was still food, by God.
“Yes,” the dog agreed. “It’s my nature.”

“To Hell with nature!” the cat spat.
She’d had enough with The Way Things
Were Supposed To Be…more than enough.

“Beware how you speak of Hell,” the dog said.
His human scooped food and placed it in
the dog’s bowl, which is all the dog wanted.

The cat, however, turned up her nose at
her food–it was dry, as well–and struck out
for adventure in the neighborhood, determined
to suck all the marrow from her short life.

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