In Darkness (Classic Poem Series #4)

Some time ago, I came across some old poems (twenty years or so) and posted a few. I decided to call them part of my Classic Poem Series because the title made me laugh. They’re hardly classic, but they do strike me as…well, as being uniquely mine and yet somehow removed. Or put another way, my work when I was a different person, a different writer. I suppose I’m navel-gazing a bit too much about the whole thing. 

And for those who follow my blog, I apologize for my absence. Work and sickness have taken their toll, but I’m on the mend (physically, mentally, and spiritually).

I’m not sure when I wrote this piece. It doesn’t have the feel of graduate or even post-graduate school. Perhaps early 2000s?

In Darkness

In darkness, you melt
beside me into pure wonder,
stars in your mouth,
moon water in your hands.
Your body sings a great chorus,
the pulsing of who you are.
You rise and touch a thousand roofs
then fall softly back to me.

O Somnolence,
O Languid Ease of Spirit.


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